ERGOLASTEC for firm hold and safe footing

ERGOLASTEC rubber industrial mats provide more comfort underfoot and added skid resistance and safety in the workplace. The design details of ERGOLASTEC industrial mats were developed in response to the practical concerns of everyday working life. This is why they are particularly durable even in heavy-duty environments, combining non-slip surface and resistance to foot eversion, featuring strong and yet exceptionally flat edges for approaching vehicles, as well as being resistant to ageing, easy to clean and entirely maintenance-free. ERGOLASTEC industrial mats have inbuilt resilience and are proven to relieve the strain on joints and spine. This quality is also an advantage in that it provides a soft landing for tools or products which are dropped, preventing them from being damaged. Our mats also lighten the workload when it comes to cleaning the floor, they absorb footfall and have a sound-deadening effect.

  • ERGOLASTEC „Industry“

    The "ERGOLASTEC Industry" range is specifically intended for industrial purposes and for use in large working areas subject to heavy-duty demands.

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  • ERGOPURTEC (new)

    Health mats and kneepads made of permanently elastic Polyurethan

  • Custom Engineered Products by ERGOLASTEC

    Customer-specific requirements - for your solution!

    • Vulcanized plate material and blanks
    • COMBS for holding rod-shaped elements
    • COILS
    • PADS for enhanced slip resistance