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Our environmental policy

The KRAIBURG Group has been dealing with circular economy issues in the tyre industry for many years. We work successfully with innovative products and processes at various stages of the tyre life cycle. In the meantime, the KRAIBURG Group is one of the largest consumers in Europe of granules and flours, which are obtained from used tyres and reused in high-quality products.

Since its foundation, KRAIBURG Austria, as one of 9 divisions, has focused on tyre retreading and the production of the necessary rubber materials since 1965. It is the first stage in the cycle, which represents the reuse of used tyres.

Due to the increasingly urgent climatic challenges as well as new business models, a more comprehensive view of environmental performance and the associated reorientation of environmental policy has become essential for KRAIBURG Austria!


In the course of this realignment, the following topics have been identified, on the basis of which current and future measures will be aligned. All measures to improve environmental performance should be based on the following premise:


The primary question should therefore always be whether an environmental impact can be avoided. If this is not the case, the focus should be on reducing the environmental impact. And if this is not feasible at first, then a suitable compensation measure can be considered.

We have roughmeal and vulcanized waste processed into high-quality stable mats at our sister factory in Tittmoning, Upper Bavaria. In addition, of course, our core business takes environmental protection into account: KRAIBURG Austria gives tyres a new life. Whether in the mould-cure or pre-cure retreading process, the use of retreaded tyres is environmentally conscious and cost-efficient.

The introduction of an environmental management system according to EMAS III and ISO 14001:2015 as part of an integrated management system is intended to ensure that the necessary structures are created to achieve the ambitious goals. In addition to the environmental officer, an environmental team is to ensure the achievement of goals.


A successful further development of our environmental performance with the greatest possible impact will only succeed with the involvement of as many employees as possible! Only by rethinking, we will be able to leverage the necessary potential! To make this possible, full transparency combined with the necessary communication is required. This is supported by targeted further education and training opportunities. The aim is to ensure that this further development is not just another, additional task, but is understood as a necessary effort that is approached with passion and full conviction! This conviction in sustainable thinking and acting is intended to generate the strength for our employees to bring about change in their private lives as well.

As a chemical factory, the company's CO2 footprint is one of the key parameters for us. On the basis of this key figure, which is determined and checked annually by external experts with defined standards, the desired improvement can be measured. By participating in the international "Science Based Targets" initiative (science-based approach to limiting global warming to 2°Celsius), KRAIBURG Austria is committed to a substantial reduction in CO2 emissions.

The use of thermal and electrical energy are the essential factors...

... responsible for influencing environmental performance and for the majority of CO2 emissions at the site. For economic reasons alone, we have always focused on minimization. The switch to "green electricity", but above all the further reduction of energy requirements, e.g. through energy-saving systems and process optimization, should contribute to the continuous improvement of environmental performance.

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The avoidance of waste has always been a top priority for us. Nevertheless, we still see opportunities for further improvement here! If possible, the unavoidable waste should be recycled in order to live the idea of the circular economy here as well.

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