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  • Traction pattern guarantees optimum transmission of traction forces
  • Good self-cooling
  • All-season pattern with good winter properties
  • Excellent tread wear due to frequent interruption of the tread blocks with sipes and a compound specially adapted for this tread pattern
  • Maximum mileage in long-distance traffic by use of the special K_plus compound and a large tread contact surface
  • Environmentally friendly on the road thanks to low fuel consumption and low CO2 and noise emissions
  • Good adherence on wet roadways and winter roads
  • Optimum performance in combination with the trailer tread K 818


  • Longitudinal pattern with wings
  • High resistance to lateral shearing forces by wings
  • For trailers, semi-trailers and tag axles in local and long-distance traffic
  • Excellent appearance by wings in the tyre shoulder
  • Kind on casing by low pattern movement and a very cool running tread compound
  • Special shoulder angle geometry for cool, smooth running
  • High resistance in case of transversal stress due to low running radii
  • Low fuel consumption and low CO2 and noise emissions
  • Good adherence on wet roadways and winter roads
  • Optimum performance in combination with the traction tread K 718

KRAIBURG Austria extends product range to include another in-house development and additional widths

New KRAIBURG K 800 / KLT 1 trailer tread
KRAIBURG Austria extends product range to include another in-house development and additional widths

KRAIBURG Austria is launching another in-house development this year, adding further widths to its existing range of treads. The retread specialist can now supply the new trailer tread design which is available as the K 800 in the K_base range and as the KLT 1 in the K_plus range. It is available for the time being in widths 287 mm and 295 mm. Widths 305 mm and 320 mm will follow in the middle of the year. The K 800 / KLT 1 is the optimum companion for local and long-distance traffic on trailer, semi-trailer and tag axles. In the version with the K_plus premium blend, the KRAIBURG design guarantees excellent potential mileage. Its tread structure promotes balanced road pressure distribution and an even wear pattern. The wide grooves are specially designed to allow good self-cleaning action and optimum surface water discharge. Wings ensure high stability and resistance to lateral shearing forces. They also enhance its appearance.

More widths for K 225 / KMT 1 and K 213
In response to the high levels of demand from its industry partners, the Upper Austria retread experts have brought out the K 225 block-type tread in width 280 mm. This tread is available as KMT 1 in the K_plus compound. The prominent and deep siping of the all-season tyre enables it to transfer the tractive forces to optimum effect, especially on winter road surfaces. The regular spacing of ribs and tread bars as well as the compound designed specifically for this tread pattern guarantee an excellent hard-wearing surface. The K_tech K 213 tread boasts similar features. The heavily siped drive profile for trucks is designed for use in the winter – and is also available now in widths 180 mm, 190 mm and 220 mm.

NEW ADDITION TO THE RANGE: K228 / KMA1 excels all year round on the road and building site

Hard-wearing. Heavy-duty on the building site. Long-lasting in road traffic. Our new K228 truck retread pattern is already demonstrating its impressive strength and versatility on the road and construction site. The in-house development joins the K_base range and it is also available as the KMA1 in our premium compound for K_plus designs – in widths of 250, 260 and 270 mm in each case. "Our business partners now have another high-performance design to choose from alongside our KDY3, K46 and K207 patterns, and we are confident it will also meet the high demands of customers for tough action on the road and building site", said Christoph Priewasser, Retreading Product Manager at KRAIBURG Austria.
The block-type designs boasts transverse strength and open shoulders, allowing excellent transmission of the tractive forces. Its extra depth makes it an effective all-season retread –with high mileage included. The deliberately open pattern of tread bars with their rugged angles and inlets is highly conducive to self-cleaning in any weather and on any surface. And there is something else special about the K228 and KMA1: the pattern is not unidirectional which makes it flexible and versatile. In addition to supplying the precure treads, KRAIBURG Austria is also working with CIMA Impianti to provide a product for hotcure retreading. For more information and the current pdf list of patterns, please visit

Changes to the 2015 product range

The patterns/widths listed below will be removed from the documents (Internet, Pattern Programme, AIS) and are no longer being produced. We will of course continue to sell existing stock. For orders of 40 long rolls these treads will be produced until May 2016.

Please note: Cut-to-length strips will be discontinued without replacement!